Grass Tree Governance Services

Grass Tree Governance is a small organisation – its just me! But what I lack in numbers, I make up in experience, insight and a love of all things country. I will come to you, wherever you are in WA, and support your organisation on its governance journey.  Along the way, I will probably learn more from you than you will from me. I aim to build long-term, mutually respectful relationships. The more I know you, the better I can support you.

Secretariat Support

Logistics and organisation of small or large meetings.

Board Inductions

Induction manuals and board

Governance Support

Policies, procedures and other governance support

What you’ll get if you decide to include Grass Tree on your governance journey:

  • A very hard worker – I am highly motivated to do the best job that I can do
  • Honesty, integrity, diligence –mutual trust is essential in a governance journey
  • Curiosity about your culture – if I am given the chance to gain more cultural knowledge, I will honour and embrace that opportunity.
  • A bit of a governance nerd – I actually like this stuff!
  • Resilience and adaptability – there will be many challenges along the way for both you and me and I will always seek to rise and adapt to those challenges.
  • A personal and professional relationship – I’m in it for the long haul and I value a professional relationship that is built on personal rapport and respectful engagement.
  • Value for money – I’m not cheap, but with minimal overheads, reasonable hourly or daily rates and modest expenses, you will absolutely get value for your money.
Would you like to include me in your governance journey?